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We are also looking for bowling pins, if anyone knows of any bowling allies that might have some please contact us at .
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Welcome to the new home for the Mid-West Pinblasters, we are a group of people that enjoy the shooting sports and testing our skills at hitting old bowling pins. Our club is pretty relaxed and open to the public, all you need to join us is a willingness to have fun. Our club meets in De Soto, Kansas on Wednesday evenings, rain, hail, snow or sunshine. We are lucky enough to enjoy one of the local ranges and thanks to the work of Randy and Craig we enjoy our shooting sport in the great outdoors. Yes, we do shoot outdoors but the shooting area is covered to protect us from the weather and we also have some temporary walls we can install (read: put up some tarps) and several space heaters to ward off the cold winter air here in Kansas. All in all we are very lucky to have access to this shooting complex.

In August of 2010 the Mid-West Pin Blasters celebrated our 25th year as a club making our club the longest continuously running pin shooting club in the US.

If you are interested in more information about our club or directions on how to get to the range feel free to contact us through the Contact Tab at the upper left.